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Why a Dino Pedal Go-Kart

Pedal go-karts enable children to engage in outdoor fun and play that is at the same time a source of exercise. There is a rise in obesity in children today and exercise is more important than ever to ensure good health. Pedal Toys encourage exercise that is fun and has a greater chance of success compared to exercise that is seen as boring and uncool. Karts are very much in the fun category. Play products such as computers and play-stations are important for child development but their use must be balanced with play that entails exercise and fresh air.

Why a DINO kart?
DINO pedal go-karts and pedal Toys are made to last and to withstand serious use. In fact a DINO pedal go-kart is practically indestructible. Every frame is made of steel and welded with precision robots. The frame is treated with a powder coating and fired in a 200°oven resulting in a go-kart with a durable frame and a rock hard enamel finish. The whole manufacturing process gives DINO the confidence to give the top warranty cover in this product sector with a 5-year guarantee on the frame.

Value for money
A DINO pedal go-kart may not be cheap when compared to other toys but it is seriously good value for money. The cost per week of playing pleasure is a lot lower than many trendy toys and games that come into fashion for a short while and then go out of fashion again. Most young people will use their DINO pedal go-kart from age 5 up to about 14. As the seat is fully adjustable for growing legs it means that the go-kart can be used during all the childhood years.

What age group?
The DINO range begins with a go-kart suitable for children from the age of 3. The bulk of the DINO range is designed for children from 5 years upwards. DINO pedal go-karts are so strong and the seat fully adjustable that they can take the weight of the average adult. This enables us to state that the age bracket is from 3 to 103!

Healthy outdoor fun and recreation
The go-kart encourages outdoor play, the pedalling is an obviously easy method of healthy exercise and the fun comes from the go-kart being in the child’s imagination - his or her own car, complete with steering wheel. It’s as real as its gets!

Accessories and add-ons
DINO has the widest range of accessories and add-ons that make ideal gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. Trailers and excavators enable the go-karts to become a working tool. A personal touch can be added with a personalised number plate. DINO pedal go-karts can have an extra passenger seat easily fitted.

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All DINO Go-Karts can be fitted with a passenger seat


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